Don't make it easy for them

I'd like to echo Michelle Gildernew's call that an All-Ireland body be set up in order to help protect young vulnerable children and others from disgusting perverts. It is shocking to think that, according to the Sex Offender Strategic Management Committee, up to 2000 sex offenders may be on the loose in the 6 counties. There needs to a system in place where those on the Sex Offenders lists in the south must also automatically be registered in the north and vice versa. It is very distrubing to think that a convicted sex offender could escape his/her past deeds by merely crossing the border where they can continue to prey on the most vunerable in society. As Michelle rightly points out;
The activities of sexual abusers know no boundaries so it is vital that a key tool in protecting children and young people should not be confined by borders.

It is of paramount importance that these disgusting perverts are not allowed slip through the system in order to repeat their evil deeds.

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