Crazy, crazy frog!

I'm not sure how many Balrog readers are interested in the UK music charts but tomorrow the "Crazy Frog" ringtone will be attempting to secure another week in the No. 1 spot in the charts. ALthough the ringtone seems to be very popular, many people (also called sane people) are sick to death of the damned thing!

If you've ever felt like shooting the next person with that ringtone, save yourself a criminal conviction and shoot the frog instead!

My best score is 92 so far so let's see if any readers can beat that!

N.B - Balrog would like to point out that we do not condone any violence towards the frog whose mandate as the represenative of the UK charts must be respected. Furthermore, we believe that these arms used against the frog should be put beyond use in a complete and verifable way in the presence of witnesses but without the need for photographic evidence. We do not believe that it is helpful or constructive to engage in a process of humiliation against the frog.

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