Clones Cyclone Vs Clones Colususs

I see a slight row has developed which could be threatening to ruin the homecoming of Kevin McBride to Clones after his defeat of Mike Tyson almost two weeks ago. Clones's other great boxer and favourite son, Barry McGuigan is not to invited after dismising McBRide's chances of beating Tyson before the fight. Personally I think this is a little petty. Barry only said what many of us were thinking and I'm sure he was delighted when McBride overcame the odds. Barry McGuigan was a true champion and a great man and if Kevin McBride achieves anything like the success McGuigan did in his future career then he'll be doing extermly well for himself. I'm sure Barry McGuigan will be cheering on his fellow townsman in McBride's next fight and I believe McBride should end any simmering tensions by making sure Barry is welcome next Tuesday.

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