Brits cause Cancer?

I am very concerned to hear of new research which shows that people living in South Armagh could be sufferring serious health problems as a result of the radiation they are being exposed to due to British army spy posts. An expert has declared that there should be an immediate independent inquiry into the affects of this radiation of both animals and people. I sincerely hope his calls are taken very seriously and acted upon immediately. Recently, deformed animals have been born near British spy posts and while outsiders seem to think this issue is some sort of joke, I can assure them that it is no laughing matter for the people involved.

I recall attending a public meeting about a mobile phone mast to be informed by an American that South Armagh was already exposed to dangerous levels of radiation and that a phone mast would add to the problem. As a resident of South Armagh it is very troubling to think that my family could be subject to ill health as a result of invasive foriegn military spy posts. The process of demilitarisation has been a farce and 8 years after the IRA ceasefire South Armagh remain one of the most heavily militarised parts of Europe. This affects not only the beauty and natural landscape of area but also local industry and the health of the residents. These British spy posts are a disgrace and should be removed immediately.

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