Boycott the sham inquiry

As has been previously mentioned on Balrog, Amnesty International has called for all judges to boycott the proposed inquiry into the murder of Pat Finucane under the terms of the Inquiries Bill. They have been renewing their appeals recently. Amnesty International has pointed out that this disgraceful sham Inquiries Bill affects matters beyond the north and the British government's attempts to hide the policy of collusion. It means that there will never be a proper public inquiry again. In the future tragedies on the scale of the Paddington Rail disaster and the tragedy at Hillsborough football stadium would be rife for a cover up if the new Bill is allowed to stay on the statute book.

Amnesty are calling on members of the public to write to the senior judges involved and ask them to ensure that all their colleagues are fully aware of the circumstances of this case. If enough people register their support for this appeal, hopefully we can make a difference. I would like to personally appeal to every Balrog reader to send a letter. The Finucane family have been deprived of the truth for so long, please help to make sure they finally get the closure they deserve.

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