What happens if the GFA is dead?

Paisley has said that the GFA is dead. The vast majority of Ireland doesn't agree with him but let's say for talk sake that the agreement is dead (it's not BTW)

What is the alternative?

At the moment we have de facto joint authority, is that an option?

For me personally it is the best. Unionism was never interested in power sharing and the issue of guns has been a farce. If Unionism doesn't want to share power with Nationalists then fine.

Joint authority is a good thing for Nationalism but in my view the last nail in the coffin for Unionism. Any hope of a rightful place in the "Union" would be gone and a UI would shortly follow.

Unionism is standing at the abyss, what will they do?

It matters not that Unionism doesn't want a UI; it is going to happen eventually. I would call on Unionism to get around the table with Nationalism and work out an agreed future.

The past is over; let us look to the future.

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