Victory for Democratic Process

In a move of some wisdom the French have rejected the European Constitution. Congratulations and well done to the enlightened citizens who campaigned and voted to reject the 500 page constitution.

This document is now dead and while The Netherlands will proceed with their vote – the results, expected to be a firmer no than France, there is no way that any other government will proceed with a referendum. BBC has a nice graphic outlining the plan of each of the 25 states.

I would be genuinely gobsmacked if the planned referendum in Ireland goes ahead. The Government is not going to give a predetermined winning platform for Sinn Fein to elucidate their vision for the nation and profile some of their candidates for the forthcoming general election.

Whatever feeling I may have about a free trade zone, the original intention of the EEC, I do not want a Political Europe with the concomitant loss of power and influence that will entail.

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