I'm delighted to read on Slugger that Limavady Council have adopted the d'hondt mechanism in order to ensure that the top posts in the council are shared out fairly in line with the principles of power sharing between Nationalist and Unionists. Sadly, but perhaps unsurprisingly, the Unionist councillors seem to have a problem with this principle of equality as they pathetically walked out in protest. I wonder will the DUP be as quick to leave the council chambers when they see one of their councillors elected as Mayor during the third term of office?! The DUP practice exclusion when they can, yet are quick to reap the rewards of the inclusive methods which others wish to adopt.

Fair play to the SF team in Limavady who tabled the d'Hondt motion and congratulations to the councillors who supported it. I also wish SDLP councillor Michael Coyle the best of luck in his term as Mayor.

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