This just ain't democratic

I have long believed that the First Past the Post electoral system is one which produces unfair, undemocratic and unrepresentative results. I believe that a key principle of democracy is that the power wielded by the particular party should be, as far as possible, in line with the amount of votes they have gained. Last mights election results in Britian show how FPTP utterly fails to do this.

With 644 seats declared, the vote to seat ratio is as follows

Labour 35.2% of the vote/ 55.1% of the seats

Conservative 32.3% of the vote/ 30.5% of the seats

Lib Dems 22.1% of the vote/ 9.6% of the seats

We can clearly see that the amount of seats won by both Labour and the Liberal Democrats is vastly disproportionate to the vote each received. The Lib Dems and other smaller parties, such as the GReens, are unfairly handicapped by the voting system and I am convinced that a reversion to multi seat PR elections is the best way to counter this democratic defecit.

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