They Eat Their Own!

After a week of whispered briefings it seems that this Sunday may see one of the weeklies print a story that Fine Gael seem desperate to spin out.

A story has being doing the rounds that one of their councillors, from a high profile political family, in a winnable Leinster House constituency, is non resident in Ireland.

The tale being that the councillor, who is not short of a few bob and recently sold the family home in Dublin, actually resides in France.

This is not without precedent in these isles as earlier this year Councillor Stephen Gregory finally stepped down after months of local outrage over his move to the Caribbean while still holding his council seat in England.

Although well known in Dublin political circles for a somewhat lapse attitude to attending meetings and council sessions it appears that this maybe be more reflective of recent familial circumstances than anything else. The fact that the councillor has a property in France and recently sold one in Ireland is a convenient coincidence that nicely fits the hatchet job.

Nonetheless the Irish councillor holds a local authority seat in one of the Blueshirts target constituencies had been tipped to be Mayor and is surrounded by a lot of hungry and relatively talented Fine Gael rivals desperate for a shot at a bankable seat and the €125,000 package per annum that goes with it.

Their HQ have obviously decided that martial problems or not this councillor is not up for the job and has helped fuel the gossip.

Lovely behaviour from your colleagues.

Watch this space.

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