Targeting the most vulnerable

A study commissioned by the One Parent Exchange Network (Open) has reportedly found that single parents are being targeted by money-lenders charging interest of up to 200%.

Open has also accused the banking sector of predatory practices by offering unsolicited credit to families living on welfare

This is an absolute disgrace and needs drastic action. Single parent families are some of the most vulnerable in society and yet this government has done what to protect them?


Bertie's form of Socialism is laughable. Shamed TD's from the Brown envelope brigade get a few months jail time for massive illegal exploits yet a poor woman doing the "double" gets slammed with the full weight of the "law".

It is most defiantly not justice and it makes me sick!

We need to increase Corporation tax by at least 3% and use this revenue to tackle this kind of poverty.

The rich and the corrupt have got off lightly for too long, it is time they felt the full weight of justice.

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