Sinn Féin MP demands speaking rights in the Oireachtas

Conor Murphy MP (Newry and Armagh, yes!!) has demanded that Northern MP's be entitled to speaking rights in the Dail.

Conor said "I don’t believe the people of Newry and Armagh or the four other seats that Sinn Fein has are disenfranchised because we do not sit in a half empty chamber or swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen of England"

Spot on!!

Sinn Féin MP's represent their constituents 110% and don't need to swear and oath of allegiance to a foreign queen in order to so. The SDLP has one of the worst attendance records in Westminster and since they have no ideological problem with being a patsy in a British parliament than the only reason for their non-attendance is that they are dog lazy and couldn't be bothered.

Conor sums up the SDLP philosophy nicely when he said "the SDLP has been describing itself in recent weeks as republican but swearing oaths to the Queen of England and loyalty to the British institutions seems at odds with that idea"

Why shouldn't my MP be allowed to speak on my behalf in my national parliament?

I am an Irish citizen; Bunreacht na hÉireann guarantees me the right to be part of the Irish nation. I pay taxes to the Dublin government yet the so called "Republican Party" (Fianna Fail) refuses to advance the all-Ireland agenda and pander to rejectionist Unionism.

I demand and so does the majority of Nationalists in the North that our elected representatives be given their full rights in the Oireachtas

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