Poverty - Sort it out!

A shocking survey has found that 79% of people in West Belfast live in areas of social need. This is an amazing statistic and one which is unfortunately replicated, though not to the same extent, throughout the north. 60% of people in north Belfast and 48% of those living in Foyle are also living in deprivation.

The people who have presided over this shocking state of affairs have a lot to answer for. For too long, areas such as these have suffered from chronis under investment. We need an assembly back up and running to tackle these problems and politicans have to address these REAL issues.

The UUP produced a leaflet for the May election claiming that too much money was going to nationalist areas and that it "wasn't fair". The desperate tragedy of the situation is that if the money was poured into West Belfast then as soon as it started to do a bit of good, unionist politicans would be up in arms that "the fenians are getting all the money."

Poverty must be tackled and investment must be put into the areas that need it the most, regardless of religion or any other factor. Nobody gives a damn about flags or symbols when they are struggling to put enough food on the table to feed their children

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