One letter, One Nation

There is renewed optimism that the Irish Government will purchase the hand-written surrender note from the revolutionary iconic leader Padraig Pearse which goes under the hammer this week.

In my opinion no other man has left such a lasting impact on this country, with the exception of Connelly, as Pearse.

He had an intellectual insight that proved unparallel. Pearse was slightly unnerving when he linked his own sacrifice to Christ but such religious iconography is usual in Irish Republican Ideology.

In my opinion it would a total disgrace and an insult to this nation if the Government did not purchase this letter; after all they wasted millions on e-voting.

It would be an insult to the Irish people if this letter ended up in the hands of a private collector. This should be in the National Library where the public get to view it and look back at one of the most violent and intense periods of our recent history.

He left us with a sentiment that still rings through today, "Ireland unfree will never be at peace"

As my granda would say, never a truer word spoken!

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