Old Alma Mater needs it's hands slapped big time!!

I see my old Alma Mater has received criticism about its decision to put a video camera in the changing rooms.

This is a total disgrace and in my opinion is tantamount to child abuse.

Heads must roll!!

I genuinely don't have an axe to grind with the school.

Some of you may know that the school suspended me two years ago over the anti-war protests. I had to take legal action in order to get back in and the local papers front page described it as "Rebel pupil back at CBS".

Flattering ;)

I love the Abbey and will always be proud that I went to this school. I have huge respect for the majority of the teachers and some of the senior management. Some at the top however must be removed.

For certain members at the top their caviler attitude towards their own rules and regulations is unacceptable.

Time to cut the dead wood and restore the pride to this great school.

P.S Paddy went to the other school in Newry; we don’t speak about it as it wasn’t as good as the Abbey ;)

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