Oh what a beautiful day

D Day has arrived as the voters of the north will trot off today to cast their ballots for the party of their choice. Personally as the election has gone on I have become more and more confident that today will be a historic day for Republicanism and that tomorrow's result will see another huge endorsement of the Sinn Féin position.

On this the 5th may I hope Republicans everywhere vote remembering the words of Bobby Sands who died 24 years ago today.

Everyone, Republican or otherwise, has his or her part to play.

Today that part is casting a vote for a Sinn Féin candidate, casting a vote for an Ireland of Equals.

Having entered Nicholas Whyte's election predictions competition. I predicted the seats to go as follows.

East Belfast DUP
North Belfast DUP
South Belfast DUP
West Belfast Sinn Féin
East Antrim DUP
North Antrim DUP
South Antrim UUP
North Down UUP
South Down SDLP
Fermanagh/ South Tyrone Sinn Féin
Foyle Sinn Féin
Lagan Valley DUP
East Derry DUP
Mid Ulster Sinn Féin
Newry & Armagh Sinn Féin
Strangford DUP
West Tyrone Sinn Féin
Upper Bann DUP

Council Elections

DUP 183 seats
UUP 106
Alliance 20
Sinn Féin 145
Others 33

There you have it, at least no one can say i haven't put my neck on the line. i must add however that despite calling South Down for McGrady, I have been hearing increasingly encouraging noises, so don't be too surprised if the sitting MP gets the shock of his life or at least a good run for his money from Catriona Ruane.

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