Local elections; Newry and Mourne

The Belfast Telegraph has an interesting story about Crotlieve DEA

I find the BT's assessment vague and sketchy and seeing as they list Newry Town as a part of Crotlieve, when in Fact it is a DEA itself, it would seem they know very little about Newry and Mourne.

You will probably be aware that I have stuck my neck out and said Sinn Féin will win all 5 seats in Slieve Gullion (South Armagh) DEA. This to my recollection would be historic on the island of Ireland and would be a monumentus victory for Sinn Féin and for the people in the area as they will have 5 excellent councilors.

That said whether Sinn Féin take 5 in Slieve Gullion or not (they will) there is little doubt in my mind that Sinn Féin will have overall control of Newry and Mourne Council come next week.

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