Filthy Cowards!!

It sickens me to see scum like this exist

It takes a brave man to enter an elderly person’s residence and rob them. It is not the valuables they steal but the people’s security and peace of mind. It does my head in that cowards like this get away with their actions. I would take them out into the front street and beat the living daylights out of them. I don't care if people think that isn't "PC" or in the interests of democracy.

It is in the interests of the community.

As I sit here in my flat studying I wonder will we ever get robbed and seeing as there is a few of us here and I am hardly the smallest fellow, I pray they don't try to rob me when I am here. I have "Sineád" sitting beside the door and I would not be responsible for my actions.

That is all these scumbags are short of, a good hiding!

I am a firm believer in CRJ when it comes to family and community problems but when it comes to community safety their is only one policy


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