Fair play Finian

"It is not easy to raise Irish unity issues in the Dáil", independent TD Finian McGrath told delegates at the Irish National Congress annual general meeting in Dublin.

The Irish National Congress was founded in 1990 as an all-party non-sectarian organisation dedicated to working for Irish unity by peaceful means.

The TD blamed the mainstream political parties and the political media for the state of affairs. He called it the “two- nation disease” and said a “partition mentality” had infected Dublin’s political and media elite.

“Many young people who visit the Dáil on school trips don’t know about recent events or about Irish culture and history,” he said.

When the independent TD questioned them, “they know about canals and waterways but the number of kids who don’t know about Connolly, Emmet, Tone or Pearse is shocking,”

I agree Finian; I have long argued that our History syllabus needs a drastic overhaul. I didn't really get into the Easter Rising until I was in 7th Year and I am only getting in-depth Irish History and politics at University. Kids should be taught this stuff at a young age, as some don't do A levels or go to University.

The problem in the South is a simple one, the political establishment is afraid of change. Change to the current system is growing and that frightens them.

The rise of Republicanism frightens them!

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