Enough is enough!!

I have just about held my tongue on the issue of Ulster-Scots for the last couple of years, no more!!

This is an absolute joke! these people are getting money for a fictitious language that nobody speaks. It is quite simply bad English with a Ballymena accent.
This was set up as a direct attack on the Irish language, the third oldest written language in Europe. Everyone I have spoken to in relation to Ulster-Scots can't speak it. I always get the same reply, "I am more interested in the culture"

I have no problem in money going into Unionist areas, I really don't because a lot of the areas are in deep social deprivation but don't insult peoples intelligence with this sort of shit. Even Pauline Armitage admitted it was an "embarrassment".

If this is really a language then why didn't the old Stormont parliament do anything for it?

This is a joke and Nationalism should take their heads out of the "PC" pot and call it for what it is, Bullshit!!

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