Ekin in u turn?

In a breath taking display of hypocrisy, outgoing Lord mayor of Belfast Tom Ekin said that he hoped that the row over St Patrick's day on the council could be resolved. While I agree with the sentiment, the reality is that it is his party which has caved in to unionist secterianism despite the organisers of the carnival bending over backwards to attempt to satisfy all sections of the community. I really hope the Alliance party benefited from the odd no 4 preference from Unionist voters they might have gotten out of this intransigent stance. Mr. Ekin says he hopes the Carnival gets "cross party" support next year. I hope he's right but I have little faith that the Unionist party will show anything other than their usual narrow mindedness so I look forward Mr. Ekin's party having the guts to react differently in 2006.

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