DUP to scupper McCartney's fight for justice?

I see Jim Allister DUP MEP is threatened to use his parliamentary immunity to name names in the European Parliament with regard to the McCartney murder. Now I have often expressed my utter contempt and disgust for those who carried out this brutal act but one has to wonder what Mr. Allister's intentions are in this case. If he names who he believes the perpetators are, then surely he affect the ability of a jury to claim a lack of prejudice, since the names of those who might in future stand trial could have already been dragged through the media. However Mr. Allister claims to consider naming "individuals alleged to have been in the crowd at the time of the attack."

I have no idea what Mr. Allister means by "being in the crowd". It was my understanding that the murder took place in a private alley with no crowd about. I have little doubt that this is a cynical political move by Mr. Allister to attempt to blacken names. Certainly his intervention will do nothing to aid the McCartney's in their fight for justice, but of course, this is not Mr. Allister's primary aim.

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