Arson threats

I was shocked and saddened to hear of the disgusting threats of arson made against the McCartney family in East belfast. Police have blamed "Criminal elements" but of course the likes of Sammy Wilson seem intent on trying to shovel accusations in the direction of Republicans. The lunatic fringe of Unionism obviously doesn't agree with the assessment of his beloved police force. Considering the fact the PSNI usually attempt to use any excuse possible to slur the name of Republicanism, when even they aren't making wild accusations then surely we can take for granted that Republicans weren't involved.

I utterly condemn these vile thugs and their threats. The McCartney family should be allowed to live in peace and continue to campign for justice for their brother. No Republican can ever condone attempts to scupper their fight for justice as their cause is no more or less important than that of the families who demand to know the truth behind the loss of loved ones to British collusion.

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