An Algiers Dilemma

I spotted a somewhat amusing debate going on at politics.ie between Republicans and Socialist Party supporters over them being unionists or not.

The Socialist Party policy on the north is about as clear as this and amongst other lesser know facts are they;

Support the Orange Orders in their “right” to walk the by-ways and highways of Ulster. They share this libertarian (aka anarchism for the stinking rich) madness with these homegrown wingnuts

Supported the British army in their wish to have a recruitment stall at queens university freshers week

Believe the British army are “workers in uniform” and as such the armed struggle was anti-working class!

Naturally the nationalist population of the six counties have given a similar endorsement to the SP candidates in the election that Liam “Perfect break” Kennedy received.

So I went looking in their webpage for their actual policy on the “national question”, the search turned into a mining expedition but eventually tucked away in a dark seam of the site was this gem; “the socialist party stands for a socialist Ireland as part of a free and voluntary socialist federation of Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales”.

The mushy imagined workers love nest world of tweeting birds, shiny hospitals and a DART in all the villages and hamlets of these socialist utopians - I have no real problem with their… ahem…. vision but back on here on planet earth I am confused how this “socialist federation” would work.

In the unimaginable circumstances that would have to occur, a contagious outbreak of democratic flagellation for instance, that would result in the Socialist Party of Ireland, England and Scotland and Wales all managing to, and at the same time (these guys don’t believe in coalition) to get overall majorities in the respective parliaments, I presume that this socialist federation would be initiated with the pomp, grace, grandeur and pointlessness of a Balkan manifestation.

Now after four years of this and assuming that the US has not led a liberation of the new Socialist Federation of the British Isles, elections would be due, considering the success that previous Workers Republics around the world have had keeping the proles happy it seems likely that citizens may swing to the right.

The result is that Joe Higgins has brought back the Union and we have to call this guy Our Glorious Wise Leader and Provider of All Things Great

That’s of course unless they have a Algiers Dilemma, and cancel all future elections, slaughter the opposition, get rid of the press and torture anybody who even so much as sneezes sideways.

I wonder if Uncle Joe's cheerleaders and supporters are aware of his unionist tendencies?

They deserve the truth...

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