What a joke!!

According to Dominic Bradley "The SDLP will continue to drive this agenda forward"

The agenda he is talking about is Demilitarisation

I am a member of the South Armagh Demill committee and the SDLP have been constantly asked to participate and they have constantly refused!

Do you know why?

It's simple, they couldn't care less!!

This is only electioneering and the people of South Armagh will see it as such. If the SDLP honestly believed this I would welcome it but they don't.

Their past record on Demill speaks for itself.

They wanted to keep the hill top forts on the Ring of Gullion in order to turn them into a tourist attraction!

I don't find the British war machine in Ireland to be a tourist attraction!

They tried to push a local DPP meeting on to the people of Forkhill and the people of that village refused because they didn't wish to be used as political pawns in an attempt to give the current police force any credibility.

Mr Bradley's and the SDLP's past form on Demill will be judged by the electorate on May 5th!

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