What an idiot!!

McDowell, you either love him or hate him (I despise him!!)

Unionists love him because they know Republicans hate him; Fianna Failers hate him because he is sending droves of their voters into the hands of Sinn Féin. Fine Gael hate him because he is even more of a west brit, sorry Dublin 4 than they are and everyone else hates him because he is an idiot.

Why is he an idiot I hear you ask?

Just listen to this

"McDowell has said the IRA must be disbanded before republicans can share power in Government anywhere."

Guess what mate it is our electorate who decides that, not you!

"Mr McDowell paid tribute to the gardaí for their success in breaking open what he called 'the secret Provo conspiracy to launder the proceeds of the Northern Bank robbery in this State'"

He is a solicitor by trade yet he can produce no evidence for those ridiculous claims and do you know why, he's bluffing!

Everyone needs a hate figure and we have ours, present his picture to a group of Sinn Féin activists and you will get them canvassing all night long.

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