United Ireland - let the people have their say

Sinn Féin candidate in Foyle, Mitchel McLaughlin has challenged SDLP leader Mark Durkan to endorse his call for a referendum on Irish unity. The SDLP's response will be an acid test as to how seriously their latest documents on Irish Unity actually are. For too long the Nationalist people have been denied an opportunity to show their opposition to British rule in Ireland at the ballot box as the old unproven arguements are rehearsed about vast numbers of people voting SDLP or SF but secretly being quite happy with the border. I do not believe this is case. I believe that while the Irish Unity may not win an immediate majority, there will be a very substantial vote in favour. Many people are not happy with the status quo and if political stability can be established, they should be allowed to express this unrest. Sinn Féin will be willing to work with the SDLP to put forward a vision for a new Ireland, an Ireland of Equals. I can only hope that the SDLP will put petty political rivalry aside and do the same.

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