Sun democracy

I see the Sun is unsure who to support in the upcoming British election. While personally I see little difference between Howard's Tories and Blair's Tories, the amazing arrogance of this statemnt from the Sun "Newspaper" astounds me;

"Instead we are going to listen very carefully to Labour and the Tories between now and May 5 to see which party deserves the backing of our readers."

I sincerely hope that the importance the Sun affords itself in the outcome of the election is merely a selfish boast yet I fear that somehow it hits closer to the truth than any of us would like. Shame on anybody who allows this rag to decide their vote for them. People fought hard for the universal franchise and voters should decide for themselves who they want to vote for and not decide merely by glancing at a headline as they turn quickly to see the tits on page 3.

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