Students spend €80m on alcohol

That's according to the College Lifestyle national study. It also found that three out of four drinking occasions were binge-drinking sessions.

The problem I have is that the theory on binge-drinking is ridiculous!

According to "experts" if you consume more than 4 units of alcohol a night you are binge-drinking. Its rubbish like that that makes many turn off and return to their double southern comfort and coke and a B&H cigarette :)

I think a more sensible solution to binge-drinking is to say when you wake up in another women’s bed, or man's (what ever floats your boat) and can't remember anything then that is binge-drinking.

That said that sort of activity is all too prevalent amongst students.

Imagine the taxes that are made off the backs of students.

I am unfortunate to be amongst two groups of people who are seen as fair game by many, I'm a student and I'm a smoker.

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