South Belfast SF - alive and well

Having read the report on Slugger of Sean Hayes' recent comments, I feel I should reply to the assertion that "Thanks to this, the party in south east Belfast and the Ormeau Road has been effectively shut down."

I can assure readers that this is not the case. I have been in the Ormeau road office every night this week and canvassing is well attended and is going well. Only last Sunday there were 80 people out canvassing for Sinn Féin in South Belfast. Sinn Féin has certainly not shut down in the area. It is flourishing, just as it is doing throughout the six counties and indeed throughout the entire island. I predict that Sinn Féin vote in South Belfast will hold and increase and we will see new Sinn Féin councillors in the area, such as Stiofan Long who is standing in Balmoral and despite there being no SF councillors in the ward at present, has a good chance of actually topping the poll in the area.

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