Never, never, never?

Rejectionist Unionism showed its anti-inclusion face again as Bob McCartney announed that he had received a pledge from the DUP that they would not share power with Sinn Féin, using terms like "ten years or a generation". This sort of ridiculous timeframe indicates to the world that the likes of the UKUP and the DUP are not in fact interesting in any form of power-sharing despite any claims to the contary. It strikes me as amazing that the DUP are ruling out in May a position that they had signed up to in principle in December. Were they lying then or are they lying now?

Mr. McCartney has also announced that he will not be standing in North which, given the inclusion of the Alliance Party in the race, increases the chances of an additional DUP gain in the upcoming election. According to the BBC, marks should also be given to Mr. McCartney for his mystic Meg like opposition in 1995 to an agreement which was not to be signed for another three years!

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