Mine's a Pint?

The GAA has come in for more criticism over its plans to open 11 new bars within the walls of Croke Park. I understand that some people see this as being hyprocritical given that GAA has recently decided to ban alcohol sponsorship within the association, however the reality is that many people, myself included, like to enjoy a couple of pints before a big game and personally I don't see anything wrong with this. Of course, I think it is wrong when young teenagers are going to matches on buses tanked up on a carry out but this is a problem of society in general and it is the responsibility of others to tackle, not the GAA. Provided the age limits are stringently enforced, I see no reason why the GAA shouldn't take part of the profit from the pre-match drinks that at present is going to the bars outside Croke Park. Personally I'd far rather to contribute the few euro I spend on a couple of pints to be going to the GAA than to some greedy Dublin publican.

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