In the name of God

Conclave will begin today and is expected to last for a few days

I pray that the church will move into the 21st century and not marginalise even more the ever wavering Catholic’s who believe the church can be reformed.

I would love to see a Pope, preferably from Africa or South America, who would drag the Church away from the dark ages.

I would love to see a church where people renew their faith after many years of absence.

I would love to go back to Mass on a Sunday and see the priest’s family in the front row, to hear his wife talk to parishioners after mass.

Do I realistilcy expect this to happen in the near future, unfortunately not.

I have real fears that someone like Ratzinger will be made Pope and then my allegiance with the church will have to be re-evaluated.

Haven spoke to many young Catholics, both devout and wavering; they are all looking forward with great anticipation to the reform of the Church.

I pray their prayers don't go unanswered!

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