Get them out!!!

I see Mary Campbell and Anthony Flynn have have served an eviction notice on the PSNI and the Paras.

This happend at a protest outside Forkhill barracks last saturday.

The Paras have caused uproar in South Armagh since they have arrived.

The Paras are suspected of being involved in a sledge hammer attack on the Hunger Strike memorial at Ford's Cross.

The Paras have already made it known to locals that they will make their presence felt before they leave.

I will echo the words of Mary Campbell

"These assault troops are not suitable for this area, in whatever role their political masters have sent them here for and We not only call for their withdrawal from amongst our community, but we call for the total withdrawal of all the military outposts from our hillsides and out of our towns, especially for the immediate dismantling of the base in Forkhill."

They are not welcome in South Armagh!

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