FF & FG - a plague on both their houses?

Eoin O Brion gives an personal opinion on the future of government in the 26 counties in this weeks An Phoblacht. He advocates an "alliance of the left" and believes that Labour, the Green party and Sinn Féin should begin to build a viable alternative to the FG/FF dominated Dáil.

What Eoin proposes is both innovative and unprecedented. For almost the entire history of the Irish state either Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael have been in government with the smaller parties lining up to feed on the scraps of coalition beoing offered from the table of the big two. Yet with the growth of Sinn Féin, a new axis in Irish politics could emerge. Parties of the left could unite to create a better Ireland, an Ireland where the poor are given the same priority as the rich, an Ireland of equals, to replace the unequal society that currently exists. Many southern SF activists are wary of coalition government, fearful that government with FF will allow Sinn Féin to be distracted from the policies of social justice the party advocates. Yet perhaps with similar socially conscious parties, the risks would not be as great. I am of the opinion that as a party Sinn Féin should not be afraid of coalition government, if it is a means to further our objectives then it should be embraced. I hope Eoin has opened a necessary and important debate within Republican circles.

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