Election time

It's Election time again and this republican is looking forward to having a proper MP at the end of it, Conor Murphy.

I have known Conor for the last 6 years and Conor will do an excellent job for the people of Newry and Armagh.

I am also looking forward to being one of a very special group of people. The electoral ward of Slieve Gullion, if all goes well, will be the only electoral ward on this Island were one party hold all the seats.

Time to say farewell to the stoops

I see the so called "Smash Sinn Féin" AKA "NO TAIGS PLEASE" electoral pact has not born fruit.

What a sad bunch of wasters the UUP and DUP are, more concerned with individual careerist policies than getting a good deal for their constituents.

I don't believe in pacts; let the people have their say

The green army marches towards May 5th

This should be the date when we bury the policy of exclusion (and if the man upstairs is listening to my prayers the stoops as well) once and for all.

How do you see the elections going?

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