Different school, same attitude

I just noticed this article about a teacher referring to Sinn Féin as "IRA Scum"

I must say that I know how this feels as some teachers in my old school were notorious anti-republican bigots.

I remember telling a teacher that I would be unable to attend a school event his reply was "Why, are you going to one of your murdering IRA marches"

Bigotry comes in many guises

I have a big problem with young, middle-class teachers trying to lecture me on ethics

After that comment I deliberately set out to piss that teacher off and it worked, because of my actions regarding T-Shirts and Badges, 23 new school rules were brought in and the school ended up with a hefty legal bill over a different incident.

Students should never be afraid to express themselves and teachers shouldn't be afraid that a lot of their students are more intelligent than they are.

I love this wee phrase as it pisses the teaching profession off to no ends

"Those who can do those who can't teach"

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