Bullying, sort them out.

While I have never been a victim of bullying, given my less than small stature, I have seen the effects of it.

I have just seen this article in the Newsletter which just boggles my mind.

Does anyone out there really believe a rap song will stop these cowards?

In my old school there was a policy of trying to reach out to the bully in some kind of pastoral care way, doesn't work.

There is only one thing a bully understands and that's someone who is going to put them in their place.

In my old school some of the older teachers would approach a few of us who they knew they could trust and ask us to have a “quiet word” in certain bullies’ ear. This did work especially when the cowards were told what would happen to them should they step out of line. Some of the parents of the kids who were getting bullied actually thanked me and a few of the boys.

Bullying was always something that I detested because it was only the vulnerable students that these cowards picked on. They never tried to take on someone they saw as equals. Kids should not be afraid to go to school and with so many kids having problems at home school should at least be their sanctuary where they can get some peace of mind.

I have no time for this softie, softie approach.

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