The Brown envelope brigade give lecture on ethics

While I welcome the Taoiseach's recent conversion to Republicanism as well as Socialism I find it a bit much for Fianna Fail to try and lecture anyone on "Criminal activity"

What's that you say, Brown envelopes! Robbing the pensioners for years! Burke! Haughey!

Best not to be a hypocrite Bertie

As for arms, when and where did Fianna Fail decommission their weapons?

They didn't so stop the holier than thou attitude

To paraphrase former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds "How can I talk to the Republican Movement about guns, sure some of our ones brought their guns in with them under the table"

As for electioneering, save it Bertie

The last couple of months has seen the attempted campaign of Criminalisation along with Dermot Ahern's appearance with McGrady, all designed to try and stop the growth of Sinn Féin

Tough luck Bertie but this freight train isn't stopping and its next stop will be Dublin Central!

Get ready Bertie

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