Bertie talks tough

Bertie Ahern has said that the EU will not be allowed to interfere in Irish Divorce law.

He was responding to the claim that the new EU Constitution (sell out) will affect the Divorce law in an effort to harmonise the laws within the region.

As someone who has no moral or religious objections to divorce (a sad state but we have to face reality) It is up to the Oireachtas to change any law which it deems outdated, there should be no interference by the EU in Irish law.

The Taoiseach has said "The European Union has no say in these matters, in other words, it’s none of their business"

"Irish divorce law is a matter for Ireland."

Then why are you looking to ratify the EU Constitution?

Men and women fought and died for the sovereignty that the 26 counties now hold and Bertie shouldn't just dismiss Irish sovereignty so lightly.

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