Armagh against Rule 42 change

I see that Armagh have voted against any change to Rule 42

This is going to be an interesting debate within the GAA and the community in general.

At one time I thought I was in favour of changing Rule 42 but now that I think about it I am against it.

Croke Park has a unique atmosphere, an atmosphere I have never seen replicated anywhere else. The hill was made up of rubble of the 1916 Easter Rising and the GAA has an unparallel position within Irish culture and heritage.

There are many out there who are against this because they wish to preserve what we have created. Some will argue that it should be opened up and that the GAA has nothing to fear by this.

I don't think fear comes into it but it's our stadium and we shouldn't have to prop up "Professional" sports like Rugby and Soccer.

It is a difficult issue that may yet create a civil war type split within the GAA and Irish society.

How do you stand on the issue?

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