Wall of Silence

I see the McCartney sisters have demanded that Sinn Féin break down what they call the "Wall of Silence" regarding their brother's murder. With all my heart, I wish to see this bereaved family get justice for their brother, however I cannot see what else Sinn Féin as a party can be expected to do. The party has urged ALL those with any information to take it to the Police Ombudsman and has also called on those involved to take responsibility for their actions. Sinn Féin has done its upmost to tackle this problem and I am not sure what more the sisters are suggesting Sinn Féin can do. Sinn Féin are appalled by the manner in which these brutal thugs have sullied the name of Irish Republicanism and abhor their actions. However Sinn Féin cannot force these men to confess to their wrongdoing. Much play is made of the fact that this terrible incident started in packed bar, in the presence of some members of Sinn Féin, however the actual murder itself was witnessed by far fewer, probably only by those who would be found guilty of murder if they came forward with the truth. Surely Sinn Féin cannot be blamed for the moral cowardice of these men, even though the party has done everything in its power to bring about a resolution to the awful situation.

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