Treading Carefully?

I must admit to being amazed at the furore over Martin McGuinness' recent comments. While I realise that the media now seems to feel that it is their duty to twist and distort the words of every Sinn Féin member or sympathetiser, the allegation that there is somehow an implicit threat in the Sinn Féin MP's comments is to me stretching the bounds of credibility. The phrase "need to be careful" is one used commonly in everyday life in the north. It does not constitute a threat and certainly Martin McGuinness did not intend it to be used in this manner.

The valid point Mr. McGuinness was trying to make is that the McCartney issue is above party politics, it is an issue for the courts, for the justice system and while politicians must make every effort to aid the McCartney's in their plight, it is difficult to see what purpose could be served by their advance into electoral politics. If the McCartney's claim that they are not being forced into decisions then we must believe them, however I can't help but think that their time might be better served in questioning the investigation techniques of the PSNI.

The attempt to enter into a party political "blame game" over this issue is unhelpful. There are a small number of people responsible for this tragedy and those people should heed the call of all decent people and give themselves up. It is their actions which have caused this terrible situation and they must be held responsible for their actions.

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