Time for truth, Time for Justice

Following on from PS's post on Martin McGuinness’s comments, what did Martin say which was untrue?

The Family of Robert McCartney does need to be careful that their campaign for justice is not tainted by electoral politics. Let's look at the reason for elections; they are about public services, hospitals and schools. They are about people deciding who is best to represent their needs. Electoral politics is not the place for the McCartney family campaign. This should not be a campaign to get people elected but it should be a campaign to get truth and justice for the McCartney family.

If one of the sisters stood in my constituency I would still vote Sinn Féin because they best represent my interests, does that mean by me not voting for them I don't support their campaign, NO. The people who carried out this act have sullied the name of Irish Republicanism. They didn't and don't act in my name. They should hand themselves in and allow the family of Robert McCartney closure to grieve.

This campaign however could be tainted by entrance into electoral politics and I hope and pray the family gets justice for their brother but they need to be sure they are not being led by others whose only objective is to vilify Republicans.

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