Tackling Racism

I'm delighted to see that as part of Sinn Féin's céad bliain celebrations the party has adressed the growing problem of racism with a function in Belfast. I had actually intended to be present on Wednesday night but I had a prior engagement. However I'm delighted to see the problem being dealt with head on. Racism is a terrible blight on our society and I fail to understand the mentality of those who seem to think that those with a different coloured skin and somehow sub-human. I welcome the influx of immigrants to this island as I believe multi-culturalism is a positive thing and it is perhaps time for Ireland to give back what many of its sons and daughters gained from immigration. We should be thankful that econmic propserity means that young Irish men and women can stay at home and be successful rather than begrudging those who wish to join us in this time of prosperity.

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