Northern Bank

Yesterday's Belfast telegraph poll tells an important story about what Nationalists ACTUALLY think of this entire Northern Bank farce.

Despite the constant ramblings of Hugh Orde, the demented screechs of Michael McDowell and the pathetic manner in which ALL the major parties (except SF) have blindly accepted the word of the PSNI constable, only 32% of northern Catholics believe the IRA were responsible. Produce a little bit of EVIDENCE Mr. Orde!

In my opinion, what happened in this case is very clear. An incompetent police force failed to stop one of the largest crimes ever in Europe even after being told about it. In an attempt to get the policing board and the public off their back, they needed a scapegoat. And who better to blame than their greatest enemy, the republican movement. In one tidy press conference Hugh Orde stemmed the tide of criticism heading in his direction and instead gave Unionism what they wanted so much more than convinctions for the Northern Bank raid - an excuse not to share power with Republicans.

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