Meath Election Results

The final result is in here and Sinn Féin have preformed very well. Joe Reilly has increased the Sinn Féin share of the vote in the face of a massive onslaught from every other party on the island. In the circumstances I think this is an excellent result and if it was repeated in a 5 seat constituency Sinn Féin could well be looking at another TD. . While I realise the changes in the electoral boundaries will make Joe's task harder at the next election, Sinn Féin are undoubtedly on the rise in Meath.

Let SF's detractors put whatever spin they wish on this result. However, YET AGAIN, the little graph slows a plus sign beside the Sinn Féin share of the vote. While this continues few can doubt that Sinn Féin are ever expanding as an electoral force both North and South of the border.

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