A-Maze-ing imcompetence?

I see the Maze site has been choosen by the British government as the site for the new stadium in the north. Leaving the political implications aside, from a sporting point of view and as a member of the GAA, I must say I have little enthusiasm for this project. Why should the GAA bother with this stadium when it will offer little more than the present facilities in Caement Park or in grounds across the north already owned by the GAA. From what I was lead to believe initially, the government pressurised the GAA into accepting the project as they wanted all three major sports in the north on board. Yet it seems that the Maze site is unpopular with both Rugby and Soccer supporters with the Ulster Rugby Branch focused on redeveloping their current facilities in Ravenhill. Predictions on slugger that this stadium was never intended to be built could be very close to the truth, leading me to wonder why we all allowed ourselves by be hoodwinked by these elaborate farces!

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