Lilies and Poppies

Philip McGuigan, Sinn Féin MLA, makes an excellent point with regards to the different attitude which prevails towards the British remembrance symbol, the Poppy compared to the symbol of Irish Republicanism, the Easter Lilly. In this current era of equality, surely both symbols should be afforded the same respect, yet major organisations see fit to prioritise one over the other. Philip McGuigan highlights the BBC yet the policy of exclusion prevails throughout the north. In QUB Students' Union, it is deemed acceptable to sell poppies in the shop but when asked to stock Easter Lilies, the relevant authorities refused this request. In many schools students would not be allowed to wear Lilies, yet Poppies are often seen adorning school uniforms in November. I respect the rights of those who consider themselves British to honour their war dead, but Irish republicans must be afforded the same rights.

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