Justice for ALL- not just the media popular

Carrying on with the topic of collusion, the Daily Ireland has recently been publishing a series of articles from families who have been bereaved through the policy of collusion. The story of the death of Gerard Slane is particularly gut wrenching. Some sections of the media should have a look at these words from the dead man's widow;

“I want the truth for me and for my children, and I want the British government to admit its role in murdering my husband.
“I’ve been vocal about it but no one listens. I look at other high-profile murders and how much attention they’ve been getting, especially recently, and I wonder why Gerard’s murder hasn’t ever been treated like that.
“The answer is that the British government doesn’t want its dirty secrets to come out in public, and most of the media happily accept that.

Now I won't attempt to insult the intelligence of any reader by claiming that the conflict in the north was a black and white tale of good being represented by Republicans and evil being the security forces. Both sides committed terrible acts throughout the troubles. However the question we must ask ourselves is this;

Why is nobody listening to this woman in her search for justice?

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